Animated Trump GIFs

Trump GIFS! A New Section at TrumpMemes

Welcome! Similar to Trump's hands, this section of the Trump meme site is small... but it can make you laugh.

Download and modify these Trump GIFs as desired.

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Queen Orange

Queen Trump

It's Trump in drag! Is his name Queen Trump? Queen Orange? Donna? Karen? You decide!

This Trump GIF is via The Daily Beast... from when America was a bit greater: 2015.

Trump pops out of Trump's big tiny mouth

Trump Eats Himself

It's ridiculous! No political commentary here... unless Trump is eating his words? This recursive Trump meme is via Reddit.

God strikes Trump

God Strikes Trump

Donald Trump mocked people with disabilities different from his own. God (or Nature) strikes back in this animated Trump GIF from 2015.

Putin and His Puppet

Play Trump Ball

It's Trump ball, an all-American sport first seen on Reddit

Tiny Trump Hands

You know what they say: Small hands, small what? Via Giphy

Trump Gropes Ivanka

Donald Trump's tiny hands grope Ivanka in this classic 2016 flashback.

The real Trump card... the Joker!

Trump Card

And the Trump card is... the Joker!

Hot Air Trump

Spineless Trump

Donald J. Trump is full of hot air. Spineless, he leans with the wind. He reminds us of inflatables seen at used car lots. Trump also reminds us of a used car salesman, so it all fits together...

Putin and His Puppet

Putin's Puppet Gets Exercise

Vladimir Putin exercises his Trump puppet! What will Donny say next?! First seen on Reddit