Muslim Band Meme

Muslim Canadian punk rock band Secret Trial Five

A Muslim Ban, A Muslim Band

Muslims banned? Our "Muslim Band Meme" is a tribute to the spirit of SNL comedian Gilda Radner, who often misunderstood the news.

Donald Trump's Muslim ban isn't one bit funny. It's ill-informed and inhumane. But Muslim bands can be fun.

The Muslim band shown here is the Canadian punk rock group Secret Trial Five.  Formed in Vancouver in 2005, they're named to remind listeners of how Canada incarcerated five Muslim men without charges, holding them for a combined total of 30 years by using a law about "security certificates."  Sounds awfully Kafkaesque... and Trumpesque.

We've only heard one song from Secret Trial Five. The band posted it to Myspace in 2007 and to YouTube in 2011. It's way loud for our tastes but we send this Muslim band much love, light and laughter... and many thanks for sharing their pic!  -