John McCain expresses a preference for President

John McCain Meme For Trump

A "What Would John Say?" Meme

Once upon a time in Iowa, Donald Trump criticized Senator John McCain for having been a prisoner of war.

"I like people who weren't captured," Trump said.

You can read up on the story at NPR.

In that spirit we present this John McCain meme. Thanks for your wartime service, Senator. You were brave while others invented medical excuses.

An image of Donald Trump with the words "I did not have sex with those women."

And At Last, Bill Clinton Can Kick Back

Donald Trump did not have sex with those women. Please share this Trump golden showers meme so that everybody knows.

An image of a golden toilet and bidet

Golden! A Trump “Trickle Down” Meme

An image of a golden toilet and bidet

Did We Trickle Down To His Level?

Yeah. It was bound to happen sooner or later. (Hey, we lasted 36 hours.)

What's this meme about? At last a British informant's report including some of Russia's salacious dirt on Trump has been made public.

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