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Got' Em Trump Meme: 500,000 COVID-19 Deaths In the USA

Are we tired of winning yet? The number of COVID-19 deaths in the USA exceeds 500,000. The Trump Administration was one Hell of a reality show...

Get the latest COVID-19 statistics via the presidents meme page.

"Trump Is Fired" Meme

Thank you for voting in the 2020 presidential election!

MAGA weeps tears of sadness. Lovers of democracy weep tears of joy.

Play Kool & the Gang's "Celebration" at the You're Fired! Trump meme page.

Trump Fashion Forecast

Orange Is the New Orange is hopefully an upcoming Trump reality series.

Click for a partial list of potential reasons for Trump to spend time in prison.

DIY Trump Pig

It's a doodle... it's a pig... it's Trump! Practice your drawing skills with this fun Trump doodle tutorial

The Twitler Meme

Remember when Trump promised to stop tweeting if he became POTUS? Guess we had to give him a little help! Photo by Gage Skidmore used with Creative Commons

Be a MAGA Martyr

Over 65? Become a MAGA martyr! Revive the economy for when you're dead. Enjoy luxury cruises, intimate restaurants, live performances, and haircuts too. 

Karen Trump Twitter Meme

Karen Trump has a complaint about Twitter: Donald Trump's tweets are getting fact checks and violence warnings!  Thanks to Damian Holbrook for the Karen Trump meme.

Russian Renovations At Trump Tower

Preview life under the Putin Administration on the Trump Tower meme page.

Stable Genius Trump Meme

Donald Trump is a stable genius. He told us so in a series of tweets in January 2018.

And in other news, pigs fly and coal dust is good for your lungs! Click to learn more.

Why Is Trump Orange? Meme + Research!

Judge not skin color, but the character, and ye shall find: Orange is the new bleccccch. But why is Trump orange? Discover!

Trump Karma Cartoon

Karma's rough! And this cartoon isn't for children. Click to view!

Trump Toilet Paper

Trump says that flushing is too difficult nowadays. Show him how it's done! Trump Toilet Paper, $14.99