Orange Is the New Orange

Trump Fashion Forecast

Trump poses in an orange jumpsuit in this fun Photoshopped image

Fashion Forecast: Trump Models Prisonwear

Trump models an orange jumpsuit! Which crimes might help put him behind bars? Here's a partial list of ideas:

  • Inciting a riot to overthrow the US government
  • Bribery (for example, with Pam Bondi in Florida)
  • Conspiring to Defraud the United States (for example, with WikiLeaks emails)
  • Misuse of Campaign Funds (for example, with Stormy Daniels)
  • Sexual Assault (corroborated by his boastfulness on tape)
  • Tax Evasion (It's how they got Capone!)

Find more potential crimes with the Trump crime generator!

Happy 2021, Resistance! -

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