Got ‘Em! Trump Meme

Bush, Obama, and Trump

Bush fought Saddam Hussein. Obama fought Osama bin Laden. Trump brought us to the point of one American death per minute.

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Trump Caption Game! Panic Edition

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What an ass.

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Eric Trump on “Hannity”

Thanks to a visitor for memeing Eric Trump on Hannity. We'll file this Trump meme under "Scary."

Fun Facts About Eric Trump

June 6, 2017 -- Eric Trump stated on the FOX show Hannity that those who criticize his father "aren't people."

Fun Facts About Eric Trump:

  1. Eric Trump is a person. Also he's a douchebag.
  2. Eric Trump is under investigation for stealing funds from St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

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Trump Merkel Handshake Meme

A Non-Handshake Seen 'Round the World...

In March 2017, Donald Trump seemed to repeatedly ignore requests to shake the hand of Angela Merkel. The occasion was their first official meeting as world leaders... so his refusal was a political "eff you." 

After ignoring requests to shake Angela Merkel's hand, Donald Trump requested of the media, "Send a good picture back to Germany, please. Make sure."

The Trump Merkel handshake incident took place in the context of disagreements over trade. Merkel favors so-called "free trade" while Trump has protectionist plans.

Donald Trump Fires Democracy

Photo of Donald Trump with the words "Democracy, You're Fired"

Trump to Democracy: "You're Fired!'

Donald Trump is firing democracy... bigly!

Just a sampling of his recent management decisions:

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Orange Is the New Blech

Orange Trump.png

Pre-meme image by DonkeyHotey

Why Is Donald Trump Orange?

What's with the tangerine tone? If you compare photos of Donald Trump over time, you'll see that about 10 years ago he began transitioning from a man with a typical Scots-German Caucasian skin tone to one with skin matching the Pantone color 15-1449 or "Gold Flame."
In many photos the skin around his eyes is much lighter than the surrounding Trumpskin. The effect suggests that he was wearing goggles in a tanning bed.
Possibly related, Mother Jones reports that in 2006 one of Trump's business partners and longtime buddies, Steve Hilbert, became CEO of a corporation focused on tanning beds, sunless tanning lotions and the like. (This was shortly after Hilbert presided over one of America's biggest bankruptcies). The sunless tanning company helped fund "The Apprentice" and agreed to a $1,ooo,ooo up-front payment to Melania Trump. She was lined up to promote a CAVIAR-BASED skincare line. Melania's fishy deal was cancelled when another stakeholder argued in court that the contract was "corporate waste."




Trump with an Adolf Hitler mustache


Twitler Trump meme

Photo by Gage Skidmore modified with Creative Commons license

The Rise of Twitler

Seinfeld made us laugh with the nickname "Soup Nazi." But in general, comparing someone to Hitler is serious s#it.

These are serious times.

In 1990 - long before he promised to round up millions of people for removal - Donald Trump admitted to Vanity Fair that he kept a book of Adolf Hitler's speeches. Ivana told the magazine that Trump kept the book near his bedside and occasionally read it at night.

Maybe Trump isn't so much a Hitler, but more a Mussolini?

In any case, any pic of Trump is a fascist or wannabe dictator pic... a "dic pic," if you will.