Footage of Epstein Evacuation

Shocking coverage of Epstein evacuation

Supposed footage of Epstein evacuation from New York jail overseen by Bill Barr

Fun Anti-Trump Postcard Set

Committed to transparency, the Trump Administration has released CCTV footage of Jeffrey Epstein's evacuation from New York MCC, a federal jail overseen by Trump's Attorney General Bill Barr.

Nixon's resignation letter as a meme

“Cheat Sheet for Trump” Meme

Resigning Is Easy

Mathematicians, social media experts & teachers agree: Trump can indeed create a resignation letter.

Richard Nixon has provided an easy-to-use template. Mathematicians have calculated the length of Nixon's resignation letter, and social media experts report that the main contents would be tweetable at just 108 characters, modified with Trump's signature. Educators describe the assigned resignation task as "level-appropriate."

Orange Is the New Orange

Trump Fashion Forecast 2019

Trump poses for a prison profile shot in this "Orange Is the New Orange" Trump meme

Fashion Forecast: Trump Models 2019 Prisonwear

Trump models an orange jumpsuit in this motivational meme for the Resistance.

Which crimes might help put Trump behind bars? Here is a partial list of ideas:

  • Bribery (for example, with Pam Bondi in Florida)
  • Conspiring to Defraud the United States (for example, with WikiLeaks emails)
  • Misuse of Campaign Funds (for example, with Stormy Daniels)
  • Sexual Assault (corroborated by his boastfulness on tape)
  • Tax Evasion (how they got Capone!)

Happy 2019, Resistance! -

Trump Caption Game! Duct Tape Edition

Click the Trump meme to play hangman!

How many times has Donald Trump lied during his presidency?

Lie counters at The Washington Post report that Trump told his 2,000th public lie on January 10, 2018.  Thus if he'd like to curb fake news, we suggest he shut his piehole. 

Trump's 2000th lie was about the estimated cost of the US-Mexico border wall that he's been promising to supporters since 2015.

The Post maintains a comprehensive timeline of Trump's lies at They even chart the frequency of Trump's public lies by topic! Meanwhile Melania keeps a private list.

This Trump caption game was made with the Captionable app for iOS. 

Trump Caption Game! Panic Edition

Click Trump to Play

What an ass.

This Trump caption game was made with the Captionable app for iOS. 

Stable Genius Trump Meme

Twilight Zone 2018: Donald Trump is a stable genius

“Twilight Zone” 2018

You have entered another dimension. Here Donald Trump is a stable genius, Hillary Clinton is having an affair with V. Putin, and Don shares a White House bedroom with Melania.

This Trump meme recognizes so-called President #45's morning tweetstorm of January 6, 2018.

Robert Mueller “Wanted” Poster Trump Meme

Donald Trump holding a Robert Mueller wanted poster

Making America great again, Robert Mueller ain't going away!

Donald J Swamp Trump Meme

Donald J Swamp

Donald Trump sinking in his swamp

Make a Trump Swamp Meme

Make a Trump swamp meme with our Trump meme generator! Add text to our public domain Trump images & share the meme on social media.

Bigly thanks to Richard Hoseason for sharing his Trump Photoshop work. See more at the Facebook group Photoshop fun.

Trump Is Swamp King & The GOP Is Mucked

"It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. This is why I'm proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again."

- Donald J. Trump, October 2016, Wisconsin campaign rally

The hypocrisy! Even before he took office, Trump was battling with the Office of Government Ethics. As Trump pointed his orange finger at "Washington politicians," the federal ethics office was overwhelmed by calls from people pointing to Trump and urging investigations into his conflicts of interest.

By May 2017, the fact that Trump hadn't followed through on Project Swampdrain was evident even to his supporters. A Monmouth University poll found that just 24 percent of respondents believed he was draining the swamp. Thirty-two percent believed he was making matters worse.

As the new Trump Administration made Washington swampier and swampier, the Republican-dominated Congress refused to acknowledge that a Trump toupee was clogging the drain.

So-called representatives wear rose-colored goggles in the Trump swamp. But fear not, Resistance! The man-made swamp that Trump built is now so thick, it's like quicksand. Any move he makes, he's in deeper. He's going down.

Donald Trump “I’m Fired” Meme

Donald Trump image with words "I'm Fired"

Its Mueller Time!

Donald Trump's services in Washington may no longer be required. 

Does anyone need an apprentice or intern?  

Telecommute required, as travel ability may be restricted.