Trump Is Fired!

“You’re Fired” Trump Meme

For years it was Trump's catchphrase... but now Joe Biden can officially tell Trump, "You're fired!"

Celebration Music

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Trump Quarantine Stash

Hamberders for breakfast

Hamberders for two weeks! So-called President Donald Trump tweeted on October 2 that he and the First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19.

Can we consider Trump a super-spreader? CNN reports that Trump traveled to a fundraising event despite knowing that his close associate Hope Hicks had just caught the coronavirus.

“ByeDon” Safety Mask

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Melania Trump’s Vision of America

The vision of Melania Trump

What is Melania Trump's deal? What's her vision of America? We don't know what she thinks of us, but we know how she sees us!

The Art of Her Deal

Trump Pig Doodle Lesson

Brilliant! How to draw Donald Trump.

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Got ‘Em! Trump Meme

Bush, Obama, and Trump

Bush fought Saddam Hussein. Obama fought Osama bin Laden. Trump has enabled the deaths of more than 150,000 Americans.

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Footage of Epstein Evacuation

Shocking coverage of Epstein evacuation

Supposed footage of Epstein evacuation from New York jail overseen by Bill Barr

Sadly the recordings of Epstein's jail cell were interrupted? And guards weren't guarding?

Voting Reminder Postcard, $1.15

Exclusive Footage from NY MCC

The Trump Administration has released CCTV footage of Jeffrey Epstein's evacuation from New York MCC, a federal jail overseen by Trump's Attorney General Bill Barr. Apparently the jail "guards" were shopping online and sleeping at the time of Epstein's demise or removal.

Nixon's resignation letter as a meme

“Cheat Sheet for Trump” Meme

Nixon's resignation letter as a meme

Resigning Is Easy

Experts agree: Trump can type his resignation! Richard Nixon has provided an easy-to-use template. Mathematicians have calculated the length of Nixon's resignation letter, and social media gurus report that the content could be tweetable at just 108 characters. Educators describe the assigned resignation task as "level-appropriate."

Orange Is the New Orange

Trump Fashion Forecast 2019

Trump poses for a prison profile shot in this "Orange Is the New Orange" Trump meme

Fashion Forecast: Trump Models Prisonwear

Trump models an orange jumpsuit in this motivational meme for the Resistance.

Which crimes might help put Trump behind bars? Here is a partial list of ideas:

  • Bribery (for example, with Pam Bondi in Florida)
  • Conspiring to Defraud the United States (for example, with WikiLeaks emails)
  • Misuse of Campaign Funds (for example, with Stormy Daniels)
  • Sexual Assault (corroborated by his boastfulness on tape)
  • Tax Evasion (how they got Capone!)

Happy 2019, Resistance! -

Trump Caption Game! Duct Tape Edition

Click the Trump meme to play hangman!

How many times has Donald Trump lied during his presidency?

Lie counters at The Washington Post report that Trump told his 2,000th public lie on January 10, 2018.  Thus if he'd like to curb fake news, we suggest he shut his piehole. 

Trump's 2000th lie was about the estimated cost of the US-Mexico border wall that he's been promising to supporters since 2015.

The Post maintains a comprehensive timeline of Trump's lies at They even chart the frequency of Trump's public lies by topic! Meanwhile Melania keeps a private list.

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