Trump Is Fired!

“You’re Fired” Trump Meme

For years it was Trump's catchphrase... but now President-Elect Joe Biden can tell Trump, "You're fired!" Also, "Congrats on your second annual impeachment."

Celebration Music

Trump Quarantine Stash

Hamberders for breakfast

Hamberders for two weeks! So-called President Donald Trump tweeted on October 2 that he and the First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19.

Can we consider Trump a super-spreader? CNN reports that Trump traveled to a fundraising event despite knowing that his close associate Hope Hicks had just caught the coronavirus.

“ByeDon” Safety Mask

Brilliant! $12.95 at Zazzle. Click the pic to buy ByeDon face masks!

Melania Trump’s Vision of America

The vision of Melania Trump

What is Melania Trump's deal? What's her vision of America? We don't know what she thinks of us, but we know how she sees us!

The Art of Her Deal

Trump Pig Doodle Lesson

Brilliant! How to draw Donald Trump.

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Nixon's resignation letter as a meme

“Cheat Sheet for Trump” Meme

Nixon's resignation letter as a meme

Resigning Is Easy

Experts agree: Trump can type his resignation! Richard Nixon has provided an easy-to-use template. Mathematicians have calculated the length of Nixon's resignation letter, and social media gurus report that the content could be tweetable at just 108 characters. Educators describe the assigned resignation task as "level-appropriate."

Stable Genius Trump Meme

Twilight Zone 2018: Donald Trump is a stable genius

“Twilight Zone” Presidency

You have entered another dimension. Here Donald Trump is a stable genius, Hillary Clinton is having an affair with V. Putin, and Don shares a White House bedroom with Melania.

This Trump meme recognizes so-called President #45's morning tweetstorm of January 6, 2018.

Robert Mueller “Wanted” Poster Trump Meme

Donald Trump holding a Robert Mueller wanted poster

Making America great again, Robert Mueller ain't going away!

Ben Carson Alt Dictionary Funny Tweets

It’s the #BenCarsonAltDictionary! When the government’s insanity nearly pushes us to madness, Twitter humor saves our nerves…

Here are ten of today’s funniest and most poignant tweets about Ben Carson’s alternative dictionary. These respond to Ben Carson’s recent description of African-American slaves as US “immigrants.”











And that’s just a start! Check out #BenCarsonAltDictionary on Twitter for more good humor… and use our generator to make Ben Carson memes! – @TrumpMemeNet

Jeff Sessions Meme

Jeff Sessions photo with parody statement

Jeff Sessions Claims Ignorance About Russian Preference

Jeff Sessions is the chief legal adviser to Donald Trump.

He worked on Trump's campaign and met with the Russian ambassador to the US in July and September 2016.

Sessions told the world in March 2016 that he didn't know which US candidate Putin had preferred. 

We can't even.