“The Crazy Bunch” GOP Meme

Meet the Cast

"The Crazy Bunch" includes the following GOP family members:

  • Row 1: Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Row 2: Mitch McConnell, Ron Johnson
  • Row 3: Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz

This meme is sponsored by Jewish Space Lasers, Inc.

Pence Prick Meme

Mike Pence casts a penis-shaped shadow
If Mike Pence had a shadow government, his shadow would be a prick. We found this Pence meme on Twitter but don't know who made it.

There's also a 2017 song "Mike Pence Is a Prick" at Amazon.

Watch a Trump Cartoon

Click the pic to watch Trump visit the ER.

Twitter Bans Trump

Screenshot of Trump's Twitter suspension

"Twitter Bans Trump" Meme

Better late than never? Twitter has banned Trump from their platform after he incited the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. The Twitter account page for @realdonaldtrump is refreshingly empty.

Meanwhile, Trump's new preferred platform Parler is no longer available via Apple, Google Play nor Amazon.

Use this screenshot image to make a meme! Hit the Trump Meme Generator.

Trump’s Moving Day

Trump heads to Moscow

Whether he likes it or not, Trump's moving out! Destination: Moscow?

Who made this Trump U-Haul picture? Trump Memes would be happy to credit and add a link.

Footage of Epstein Evacuation

Shocking coverage of Epstein evacuation

Supposed footage of Epstein evacuation from New York jail overseen by Bill Barr

Sadly the recordings of Epstein's jail cell were interrupted? And guards weren't guarding?

Stocking Stuffer Under $10

Fill-the-blanks books for grownups! Click the pic for Amazon shipping.

Exclusive Footage from NY MCC

The Trump Administration has released CCTV footage of Jeffrey Epstein's evacuation from New York MCC, a federal jail overseen by Trump's Attorney General Bill Barr. Apparently the jail "guards" were shopping online and sleeping at the time of Epstein's demise or removal.

Stable Genius Trump Meme

Twilight Zone 2018: Donald Trump is a stable genius

“Twilight Zone” Presidency

You have entered another dimension. Here Donald Trump is a stable genius, Hillary Clinton is having an affair with V. Putin, and Don shares a White House bedroom with Melania.

This Trump meme recognizes so-called President #45's morning tweetstorm of January 6, 2018.

Donald Trump “I’m Fired” Meme

Donald Trump image with words "I'm Fired"

Fire Trump!

Donald Trump's services in Washington are not required.

Does anyone need an apprentice? Telecommute required, as his travel may be restricted.

Two Pandemics

Sam Elliott checks in with corona commentary!

Via CoronaTexts.com

Hotel Covfefe

Hotel Covfefe, a White House that won't let staffers leave

Welcome to Hotel Covfefe!

You can check out any time you like, but Bannon may block the way.

When the White House Feels Like a Prison

The White House can feel like a prison. In Barack Obama's review, his White House was a "very nice, uh, prison" in the sense of being a protective bubble. Michelle Obama's review from several years earlier is a bit more enthusiastic, describing 1600 Philadelphia Avenue NW as a "really nice prison." But the Trump White House seems to be a prison of an entirely different sort... one for staffers? Here's a developing news nugget:

In any case, we're inspired to write Hotel Covfefe song lyrics. "Warm smell of impeachment/rising up through the air..."

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