Impeached Is the New Orange – Trump Meme

Did Trump Hack to Get His "Season One?"

May 9, 2017 -- Ever since Donald Trump semi moved into the White House, funny things have been happening in American democracy. Horribly funny, non-democratic things.

Is today's action the last straw? Today Trump fired FBI director James Comey following Comey's announcement of an investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. (Although if you watch FOX "News" you'll be told that Comey resigned.)

Will Trump's longtime supporters see the light... or will they lead America further down a coal-black tunnel?

And if we take that tunnel far enough, will we reach China? Or will we become China-esque and show off our newly patented Ivanka Trump made-in-China fashions, our own Tiananmen Square incident (perhaps in Chicago) and the further suppression of facts?

Impeachment time is nigh. Contact your representatives. All day long. Please.

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