Impeached Is the New Orange – Trump Meme

Did Trump Hack to Get His "Season One?"

May 9, 2017 -- Ever since Donald Trump semi moved into the White House, funny things have been happening in American democracy. Horribly funny, non-democratic things.

Is today's action the last straw? Today Trump fired FBI director James Comey following Comey's announcement of an investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. (Although if you watch FOX "News" you'll be told that Comey resigned.)

Will Trump's longtime supporters see the light... or will they lead America further down a coal-black tunnel?

And if we take that tunnel far enough, will we reach China? Or will we become China-esque and show off our newly patented Ivanka Trump made-in-China fashions, our own Tiananmen Square incident (perhaps in Chicago) and the further suppression of facts?

Impeachment time is nigh. Contact your representatives. All day long. Please.

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton exchange glances at Donald Trump's inauguration

Trump Inauguration Meme – Michelle and Hillary

Trump Inauguration Meme Featuring Michelle and Hillary

Sigh. What can you say?
Hillary: It would've been cool if your husband spoke out against the Russians fucking with the election.
Michelle: No doubt. But the Republicans would've called him partisan.
Hillary: True that...
Michelle: It would've been cool if your husband wasn't so prone to fucking around.
Hillary: No doubt...
Hillary: Is he looking at Melania RIGHT NOW?
Michelle: After this, you want wine or hard liquor?
Hillary: Yes.

An image of a golden toilet and bidet

Golden! A Trump “Trickle Down” Meme

An image of a golden toilet and bidet

Did We Trickle Down To His Level?

Yeah. It was bound to happen sooner or later. (Hey, we lasted 36 hours.)

What's this meme about? At last a British informant's report including some of Russia's salacious dirt on Trump has been made public.

This user-submitted Trump meme was created with our Trump meme generator. As a British spy might say, "Give it a go!"

Meryl Streep Trump Meme

Anyone who calls #Meryl "overrated" is unfit to serve.

-- Rachel Dratch (@TheRealDratch)