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Melania and the Tale of Meredith McIver


Here are just a few signs that Trump's story about Meredith McIver doesn't add up. Research them yourself for a laugh... and a chill.

The Tale of Melania & Meredith McIver

When Michelle Obama's speech came from Melania Trump's mouth, Donald blamed "Meredith McIver." We believe that Meredith McIver is a figment of Donald's imagination -- a conveniently fictitious fall guy. Consider the following:

  • Donald admittedly posed as "John Miller," a supposed publicist who essentially presented him as a ladies' man to the press. In 1990 Trump testified in court, “I believe on occasion I used that name.” 
  • Although Meredith McIver has been presented as REAL in news coverage, the only recent "evidence" of her existence is a letter apologizing for the Melania speech debacle.  She did not actually meet with any reporters we can find, and the letter does not seem to be penned by a professional writer.
  • Sure, long ago she was listed as Donald's ghost writer... but when his book was faulted for inaccuracies in 2007, whom did Trump blame? Meredith McIver! 
  • In 2016 the McIver character had no presence on social media until the story broke. The image now presented of "her" seems to be from the 1980s.
  • The apology letter attributed to Meredith describes Trump in a manner that simply isn't believable. It describes him as wonderfully gracious and understanding of mix-ups... but we think that when you mess up with DT, you're fired.

If you're out there, MM, drop us a line.